Friday, May 16, 2014

Adventures in Book Hunting

A very kind reader sent me a box of Leslie Ford mysteries last week. Yesterday morning I finally had a chance to go through them and check them against the books already in my library. I am now only missing two titles: The Sound of Footsteps (or Footsteps on the Stairs), 1933 and Murder of a Fifth Columnist, 1944.

I’m thrilled, to say the least. There were four titles I didn’t own and several copies were in much, much better shape than my own. I’m giving some of the duplicates to my mother who first introduced me to Ford’s work. I know she’ll be equally thrilled to see these books again.

I don’t have any of the three Brenda Conrad novels yet -- they appear to be very rare -- and I am long overdue going over my David Frome books to see what I’m still missing.

And so the hunt continues. I plan to spend my summer catching up on my Leslie Ford reading. 

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Anonymous said...

Diana, I sent you an email that got stuck in my server. RR must be having issues. Sorry, but this comment has nothing to do with the above. I just finished reading Poesy. I found a few errors and I would gladly share them with you? My email is

Thank you...Dennis