Friday, November 11, 2005

The New Phone Book is Here! The New Phone Book is Here!

Name that quotation and win a free copy of the Laser Hair Removal link!!

Just kidding. That's sort of how I feel, however, announcing that the new and improved Girl Detective website is up and running.

It doesn't look like most people's websites, of course, but I like it anyway. It' That may not exactly be a good thing, but surely it's not a BAD thing?

Mr. Thrilling worked his fingers to the bone to carry out my ever-increasingly wild demands, and of course he still has other "tweaks" in mind, but this will do for starters. (Wait til you see what he has in mind for the site map, though--I can't wait til he implements that one!)

It has been an extremely hectic week--and it only goes downhill from here as the holiday madness begins. I've done zero shopping so far, and I still aim to have three writing proposals in the air before the end of the year--and really at some point Mr. Thrilling and I must concede defeat and CLEAN THIS PLACE UP.

I don't own this mapback. It would make a nice Christmas present for me (are you listening, Mr. Thrilling?) but I chose it for the title, which seems apropos. You just know a mystery that involves footprints on the ceiling is going to be fun--it seems like something the Little sisters would have come up with it. We do not actually have fingerprints on the ceiling so far, but there are fingerprints just about every place else--and a layer of dust you could stay warm under. My dad was kind enough to tell me that it made for a wonderful Halloween touch, and not to worry about it.

I'm getting those end of year blues. Well, not really BLUES, but don't you feel sort of pensive when it gets to be this time of year? The temperature is dropping (48 degrees last night) which means it's time to bring some of the potted plants inside--the succulents definitely, and apparently morning glory can't handle much colder than 40 degrees (UUUUUUH oh); and it's dark early, which somehow makes me sleepy by about 7:30. I should have been a bear; I think I'd enjoy hibernation. (Can you read between naps?)

I like the winter, though. I love rain and dark skies--I'm just tired of driving in it because California roads (and drivers) are not built for wet weather.

I do seem to be rambling today. I'm putting off working on the new project. I keep promising myself that if I meet my commitment to have all three project proposals out by the new year I get to spend ALL of December reading (well, reading, shopping and cleaning--at this rate).

Oh well, it's Friday, and I get to sleep in tomorrow. Heaven! We little bears have to grab all the sleep we can get on the weekend.


Tori Lennox said...

Love the new website design! Two "thumbs up" to Mr. Thrilling! :)

You are not alone in that lack of holiday shopping thing. I've only gotten as far as thinking about it.

Shar said...

Clayton Rawson's The Great Merlini Series is FANTASTIC! This is definitely a must buy, a good place to put some of your eBay budgeted spending. I think that "Footprints on the Ceiling" was the first one I read, "Death From a Top Hat" was the next. Buy it, buy it, buy it! :D It will make the cleaning go down easier ... sort of like that sugar by the spoonful that Mary Poppins touts. ;D

girldetective said...

OOh, you've convinced me! I like the title "Death From a Top Hat" even better--I had no idea it was a series. I'm guessing magician sleuth? Or is that way off?

Speaking of magic acts, the house cleaning is in full swing. We're doing one room a night. Poor Mr. Thrilling keeps threatening not to come home after work--he really does not enjoy the dust storm. I have to say that he is quite astonishingly helpful, despite the grumbles.

Shar said...

Magician sleuth is correct! "Tell her what she's won, Johnny!" Hee-heee! :D

I think there are about seven, possibly eight, books in the series. I know I've read at least five, and loved every one of them.

A man who cleans, even if he grumbles a bit, is a definite keeper. Congratulations on your good sense! ;D

BTW, love the new website, but am seriously bummed that we have to wait until APRIL for the next installment in the adventures of Grace & Peter. Hopefully the next few months will fly by. :)