Monday, November 07, 2005


Between the updates to the soon-to-be-relaunched website, working on proposals ("Darling, will you publish me?"), and the usual necessary distractions (including that working for a living thing), I have been a laggardly blogger--not to mention housekeeper, hence the name of today's blog--which, by coincidence, is the name of one of my recent Ebay finds.

Yep, somehow there was time to buy a book or two on Ebay, though not time to seriously examine the haul.

Great cover, isn't it?

I'm excited about the new website--one thing that I think (hope) will be popular with readers is the new Grace Notes blog. This is the secret journal of Grace Hollister, and it will include all kinds of bits and pieces--everything from recipes to poetry snippets (possibly even some of Grace's less appalling efforts) to travel log notes to filling in the blanks within the series. At least that's the way I envision it now. Lots of fun stuff for fans of the Poetic Death series.

It probably sounds insane, since I can't keep up with ONE blog. But sanity is not all it's cracked up to be...if you know what I mean.

I've completed the Chick Fic essays--from now on I'll do them in blog format, and that will allow the rest of you to post your opinions and thoughts on these writers--I really would welcome that. Haven't quite completed the Mary Kelly serial: one more chapter to go, I suspect. I hope to have that done by Christmas, and then I want to work on putting together the proposal for a Mary Kelly novel. I have no idea if there would be interest in such a novel (beyond my own), but I love that character, and I notice that there have been a few recently published novels like This Dame For Hire (set in the 40s) by Scoppettone and Tears of the Dragon by Holly Baxter.

Haven't been able to get through the Baxter book. I reviewed This Dame For Hire at I Love A Mystery, but I digress.

Oh, and here's a bit of news I should probably share: I'm the featured author this month at Mystery Lovers Corner

It's a nice little site put together by Dawn Dowdle; she's got reviews, interviews, a bookstore, updates--very nicely packaged. So of course I'm pleased to stand in the corner, as it were. And I didn't even have to get sent to the principal first.

What else? A little essay I wrote for Mystery Readers Journal is out now. It's their Bibliomystery issue, and I'm planning to head home tonight and read the thing from front to back. I love Bibliomysteries. It occurred to me the other day that nearly everything I write has to do with books, bookstores, writers or publishing. Does that make me a Bibliotech?


Tori Lennox said...

The new blog sounds fun! Speaking of which, I was wondering just the other when will the next book in the series be coming out?

girldetective said...

Thanks for asking! The next book, SONNET OF THE SPHINX, will be out in April (so they tell me).

Tori Lennox said...

Excuse me while I whine.... *g* I'm so impatient when I have to wait for new books from favorite authors. :)

girldetective said...

Never mind reading my stuff, you need to be working on your own novel--that 1920s mystery? Got a title yet?

Tori Lennox said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! Right at the moment I'm ready to throw my manuscript against the wall. It needs a LOT of work. This is what I get for my lack of plotting.

Right now I'm calling it MURDER IN THE SECOND REEL. :)