Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking Ahead (From Very Far Behind)

I want to thank everyone who over the years has taken the time and trouble to send helpful notes and updates to the Girl-Detective website. Unfortunately, because of the logistics of trying to run two different writing careers in two different publishing hemispheres, Girl-Detective as a resource site sort of got short-changed. As in completely neglected for the past five years or so.

I’ve been speaking to Mr. Thrilling (Thrilling Dectective Website Guy) and we’ve decided it makes more sense to break Girl-Detective away from Diana Killian. It’s less confusing for everyone if the site exists independently of my author site. Plus, once GD is no longer attached to DianaKillian, it stops being work and goes back to being a hobby -- which means I’ll have fun with it again. As in might perhaps actually do something with it.

What that might be, I’m not sure. Mostly review vintage books and movies. Or perhaps “review” is not the correct term for my, er, exploration of some of these old titles. But continue to…offer them up for your consideration perhaps?  

And perhaps even occasionally review contemporary (historical mystery fiction) books or interview authors of such? I don’t know. I’m not going to commit to anything because next year is going to be ferociously busy -- even more so than usual -- plus I’ll be traveling quite a bit (quite a bit for me, anyway).

So this blog will be attached to the Girl-Detective website. And the Diana Killian blog will be attached to the new Diana Killian website. Which doesn’t exist yet, but it will be up and running in some form before Bouchercon this year.

As for those helpful notes and updates…I hang onto everything, so chances are I’ve still got them and we’ll hopefully be able to make the updates at long last.

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