Sunday, July 01, 2012

Little Slices of Death

Where was I?

Oh yes. briefly condense the last few years, my writing career took off in a wildly unexpected direction, I wrote a zillion stories, found I could make a decent living writing fiction I am passionate about (oh yes, it does indeed happen), found I couldn't even pretend to keep up with Diana Killian...and let myself drop off the map.

I fell asleep for a thousand years.

That's how it feels anyway. And, to be perfectly honest, I don't know that I want to be on the map anymore; I doubt I will ever have the kind of spare time I had way back when my writing career was first taking off, but I thought I would perhaps go back to chattering about vintage movies and vintage mysteries on an irregular basis. I really don't have any other outlet for such bloggings and yet I'm every bit as compulsive about buying old books and watching old films as I ever was. THAT is one thing that has never changed. Never will, I suppose.

So I've pushed the button and made Girl-Detective live again and every couple of weeks or so I'll share what I'm reading or viewing.

Nothing formal, nothing structured, the mood takes me.  You are welcome to stop by and read along as the mood takes you.

What I cannot seem to adjust to are the changes in blogger. Ack! The templates just don't seem to go with my Girl Detective theme. The words on a page background was too...wordy. I was finally torn between this nice dark brown map background and the pink hummingbirds. Maybe I'll go dark for autumn and stay pink for summer. I'm rather attached to pink. And hummingbirds.

As for the rest of it, I'm still happily married to Mr. Thrilling. (Ha! They said it would never last!) Yes, I wrote a fourth book in the Poetic Death series -- Docketful of Poesy -- I wrote four books in the Mantra for Murder series, and yes both series do eventually need to be wrapped up, and I do have the best intentions of getting around to that one of these days. But it's unlikely (in either case) to be before 2014. And no promises for 2014.

I've started a regular blog for newsy type updates and thoughts, but posts there will likely be even more sporadic than posts here!

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Pat Browning said...

No nice to catch up with you again after all these years!Q
Pat Browning
Still longing for the old days!