Friday, February 09, 2007

Five Things You Never Knew About Me

And were probably afraid to ask.

So the talented and apparently merciless Karen MacInerney blog tagged me this morning. Today's subject: FIVE THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT ME.

Hey, I'm guessing there's probably a lot about me you don't know. Of course there's also a lot about me that you can find out with some rudimentary digging, but, really, there are lots more worthy subjects for your digging. Why waste those detective skills on me?

1) Anyway, the first thing you might not know about me is that I am a huge fan of Samurai movies. I'm not kidding you. I've seen pretty much everything that's available on video and DVD. Yes, I love Kurosawa's films, but I'm especially partial to those off-beat and obscure black and white ones you sometimes come across.

2) I have a skull on top of the stack of magazines from the 1930s that sit on the armoire in my office. Okay, it's not a real skull, it's a replica. But it looks pretty cool.


4) I was secretly afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West until I was about 13. I know, it's embarrassing! She kind of looked like my grandmother...only green. And a lot more strict.

5) I met Mr. Thrilling (my esteemed lord and webmaster) on-line. He jokes that I get everything on the Internet, including my husbands.

Okay, I have to find some hapless victims of my own...

And my obliging victims are...Sara Rosett, who just received a KILLER review in Publisher's Weekly (yea, Sara!), the clever and always amusing Shelley McKibbon, AND my own Mr. Thrilling. You're IT, kids!


Karen MacInerney said...

Talented? Gosh, Diana. I'll print that one up and post it on the fridge to remind myself that someone on the planet other than my daughter, who is only seven and quite gullible, holds that opinion. Someone whose writing I admire, no less. But merciless?


I must confess here that fact #3 was the big surprise for me. Who knew? Other than you and your publisher, presumably. How did that come about? Ah, the creative mind...

When you come to Malice, by the way, you need to bring a picture of Mr. Thrilling. I'll bet being married to your webmaster gets you great discounts on updates.

On-line romance. Isn't the Internet amazing?


Stephen Blackmoore said...

An online husband, sure. But you still can't get decent pizza.

girldetective said...

Stephen, touche! Painfully true. Of course there are those who would say you can't get a decent pizza outside of New York.

Coneycat said...
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girldetective said...

Thanks, Shelley! I think the book is improved thanks to the rewrite. Not so much for E-enhancement, but because I had a chance to develop the characters a little more deeply.

I love those last lines too. They better NOT change!

edward said...

Only five things? When this tag topic was floating around the Opera Community, we did 100 things.


girldetective said...

UH, HELLLOOOO, Edward, we are a LOT MORE FAMOUS than you opera folks, so it's a lot harder to come up with stuff people don't already know.

Sheesh. I'm surprised you didn't come up with one thousand things people don't know about you. ;-D

edward said...

Do you remember who the Poet Laureate of England was at the time of Lord Byron?

Nobody else does, either.


girldetective said...

Hmm. I admit I'm having trouble thinking up a suitable response...