Saturday, April 15, 2006

Walking Down a Strange New Street...

Just a quick note. On Thursday I'll be flying to Washington D.C. for the Malice Domestic Mystery Conference.

Malice is focused towards traditional mysteries--cozies and classics and everything else that falls into that general category. Usually Agatha Christie is the example held up.

I haven't been to Malice before--in fact, I haven't been to any conventions in a year or two. I'm looking forward to it. I plan to get there Thursday afternoon and just...relax. Maybe rent a movie and have room service and read a few magazines and...and...

Mr. Thrilling will stay home and tend the home fires (and here's hoping that he doesn't set any). No doubt he will be renting episodes of The Wire and The Sopranos from Netflix and stuffing himself with everything I won't let him eat. No, I'm not talking junk food. If ONLY we were talking junk food. We're talking weird Canadian fare. CHEESE CURDS, for crying out loud! And that cheese and gravy and french fry mess.

I don't think I've had a vacation in the past ten years that didn't revolve around writing or a music gig. Which is not a complaint, because these are the things I love to do, but I do sometimes wonder what it would be like just to go somewhere and swim. Or sleep.

Frankly I wouldn't mind staying home and relaxing, but that would never happen. Speaking of home--the doves are back. They've been cooing and fluttering around the bedroom balcony--they like the hanging baskets, and I like them, so that's perfect. AND I noticed today that my five-year old wisteria is finally blooming. Scads and scads of purple flowers! Maybe it was all that rain? The garden is so beautiful right now--even though I've had almost no time to work in it.

I've signed up for the Author Go Round on Friday at noon and I think I'm supposed to "host" a table at the banquet Saturday night. Sunday is my panel: CLASS, MANNERS AND OTHER THINGS.

Moderator: Eve Sandstrom
Panel: Class, Manners and Other Things
Description: The mystery as a vehicle for social history
Location, Date and Time: Salon J, 04.23.06, 10:00-10:50 a.m.
Signing: No. 7 11:00 a.m.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and find some time in the morning to plant sweet pea seeds--my own little way of celebrating Easter. Hope you're having a beautiful Easter weekend and that this spring will be the loveliest ever.

If you're at Malice, please come by and say hi!


Tori Lennox said...

Happy Easter! Sounds like a fun way to spend your day today and the next week. :) Have fun at Malice!

Coneycat said...

Ooh, cheese curds! We always get them when we're on the Gaspe, at a little ice cream shop that also has cheese curds when we're lucky. If you get them good and fresh they squeak as you chew on them. (They're still good when they're not quite as fresh, but you alwqays want to have a few nice squeaky ones.)

Yum! Now I miss them too, and I won't have any more unless someone else goes to the Gaspe and brings them back...

I once had a Texan friend mock poutine while he was eating chili cheese fries. I didn't understand that one either.

Also, be thankful Mr. Thrilling isn't a Maritimer and pining for donairs. That really would be hard to deal with.

Have great fun at Malice! Hope the bunny was good to you!!