Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mummy Mia, Mummy Mia, Mummy Mia let me go....

It has been a mighty interesting couple of weeks. Today I received the hot-off-the-press copy of SONNET OF THE SPHINX. Ohmigod it's in print!!!

Really, I'm too old a hand to be excited by this...BUT I AM!!!


Composure regained.

Meanwhile the much-anticipated review from Publisher's Weekly was quite a disappointment. It wasn't a bad review, just...confused. To start with, they listed SOS as following HIGH RHYMES AND MISDEMEANORS. Jeez. Not the sort of mistake one expects from PW. Then they actually made a plot error. Gosh, did this guy even read the book?

But the very next day I learned that RT -- Romantic Times, that is--chose it as one of their TOP PICKS. 4 and 1/2 star review--color picture. Woohoooo!

Meanwhile, the Curse of the Mummy Contest continues. Contest #4 by all accounts was the very easiest so far. Mr. Thrilling is still promising to do a set of questions for me, but I've got him so busy doing bookmarks and ads that he really doesn't have much spare time.

Anyway, these are the questions and answers (in all caps) to Contest #4. Good luck to those of you scratching your heads over contest #5.

#1Which pairing below is NOT a husband and wife sleuthing team?
a- Jeff and Haila Troy
b- Nick and Nora Charles
d-Pat and Jean Abbott

#2 Vintage crime writer Leslie Ford is best known for the Grace Latham and Colonel Primrose mystery series. But she also wrote an earlier series—this one set in Britain—under which pen name?
a-David Lohr
b-David Lawrence
c-Lindsay Davis

#3 Name San Francisco Police Commissioner Mac and his wife Sally MacMillan’s idiosyncratic housekeeper:

#4 Which of the following novels is by Cornell Woolrich?
b-The Black Rustle
c-The Black Shrouds
d-The Black Honeymoon

#5 Who won the 2004 Edgar for Best Short Story?
a-Laurie Lynn Drummond
c-Barbara Serenella
d-Katherine Hall Page

#6 Nancy Drew’s dog was named:
d-Scooby Doo

#7 Who of the following was NOT one of Agatha Christie’s sleuthing duos:
a-Tommy and Tuppence
b-Poirot and Hastings
c-Mr. Satterthwaite and Mr. Quin

#8 Raymond Chandler’s final novel Poodle Springs was completed by crime writer:
a-Ross Macdonald
b-Robert B. Parker
c-Stephen King
d-John D. MacDonald

#9 At the end of the The Maltese Falcon, the falcon is:
a-returned to its rightful owner
b-broken in a scuffle
c-traded for valuable letters of transport

#10 Which coveted mystery award is a teapot?
a-The Edgar
b-The Leftie
d- The Thrillie


Tori Lennox said...

Woohoo! I can't imagine not getting excited every time. :)

*hugs* on the less than rave review. What does PW know, anyway? Look at it this way, the general public probably doesn't ream them. Whereas a lot of people I know read RT. So I know how great being a top pick is. :)

Tori Lennox said...

he general public probably doesn't ream them

Hmm. Freudian slip? That should be READ. LOL!

girldetective said...

That's so funny! Freudian, indeed.

Coneycat said...

Well, rats on the PW review. Darn them, anyway. I'm still excited for you.

Also, regarding your latest contest--I think I've only read one Nancy Drew book in my life (I was a Trixie reader... and if I ever get that guest blog entry done, you'll see how that has warped my entire writing career)--

Ahem. Nancy. The one Nancy book I read, when I was about twelve, included the dog. I remember being kind of interested that she gave a bull terrier the name of a famous Siberian husky (I used to have a dog descended from Togo. Nancy may have been thinking of something else entirely!)

Ahem. Sorry about the digression. I can't wait to get hold of the shiny new book!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, another Trixie Belden fan! I always liked her and her friends way better than Nancy. :)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Congrats on the release! Looking forward to picking it up.